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The SAR Aerator is the most advanced and effective aerator available. SAR Aeration Reactors produce nano and micro size bubbles consistently and more efficiently than traditional aeration devices. 

While there are many types of aeration devices on the market, the entire industry is in agreement that Aeration/Flotation efficiency increases directly in proportion with the size and consistency of the bubbles produced. The smaller the bubbles, the more efficiently oxygen transfer occurs. The SAR Aerator not only produces nano sized bubbles, it is able to immediately inject them into the liquid before they coalesce into larger bubbles. 

The SAR Aerator is able to fully oxygenate water in one pass, while operating at high throughput. 

The addition of large amounts of oxygen compliments the water’s natural ability to reduce BOD and feed the natural bacteria. 


Flocculation is the floating of various or specific particles in a liquid. Many particles naturally float and will float more easily when air or bubbles are added to the liquid, while other particles require chemicals or reagents to encourage certain particles in a liquid or slurry float.